Museum showing Gurung culture established

धेरै पढिएको

Damauli- A museum has been established highlighting the culture and tradition of the Gurung community. The Gurung ethnic museum has been established at Tamusar Khowe in ward no. 3 of Byas municipality, Tanahu.
The museum was established by the Tamu Sudhar Samaj at the cost of Rs. 11 million, according to Chair of the Samaj or society Man Bahadur Gurung. This is the right place to observe and learn about the tradition, culture and practices of the Gurung community. The Byas municipality, Gandaki State government and the local people also contributed to the establishment of the museum.
More materials and goods highlighting the culture of Gurung community are being collected. The museum is said to provide a view of all the culture and practices from birth to death in the Gurung community.



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