Thursday, April 22, 2021

Cancer hospital flouting government directives

धेरै पढिएको

Chitwan- The BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital has been charging additional fee in PCR test for Corona Virus in violation of the directives issued by the Ministry of Health and Population. The MoHP has updated the PCR test fee to Rs. 2,000 to be effective for both government and private laboratories.
However, the Cancer hospital is charging an additional Rs. 500 in the name of sample collection. However, Deputy Director of the hospital, Dr Krishna Sagar Sharma says that it is the decision of the Hospital board of directors, which cannot be overruled.
He said that a new tender has been called for reagents, which could prompt the board of directors to decrease the fee if the purchase value is lower in compared to the past.
Meanwhile, Chief of the MoHP policy planning and monitoring division, Dr Gunaraj Lohani has said that nobody can charge more than 2,000 rupees for PCR test. Any one violating the government directives will face action.
Chief District Officer Narayan Prasad Bhattarai said he had no information about the hospital charging more than as directed by the MoHP. He however pledged to look into the matter.
It may be noted that PCR test is provided free of cost at Bharatpur hospital under the standards set by MoHP while Chitwan Medical College is charging Rs. 2,000 only.



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